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Our Property Amenities

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Well Furnished

Discover elegantly furnished spaces designed for comfort and style, making every moment at home a delight.

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Modern Design

Step into the future with our sleek and contemporary designs, blending functionality with cutting-edge style for modern living experience.

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RERA Approved

Rest assured with our RERA-approved properties, providing you peace of mind and legal protection in your real estate journey.

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24/7 Security

Feel secure day and night with our thorough 24/7 security, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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Fitness Centers

Elevate your wellness routine with our Gym, which help you to achieve your health goals effortlessly.

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Sustainable Design

Sustainable design in real estate prioritizes eco-friendly practices, enhancing efficiency and value.

Projects We Completed

3500 sqft

Sunny Vistas

The launch of Golden Bavisat offers a unique connection to natural landscapes at affordable investment opportunities.

2700 sqft

Aero Heights

It is One Of The Best Project Our Company Provides It is a well-developed residential cum commercial area, also providing best amenities.

3500 sqft

Dream Farms

It embodies a world of its own. It offers a ambiance of cherished moments, amidst an abundance of tropical plants like guava and mango.

2700 sqft

Siri's Oak City

Siri's Oak City translate your dreams of owning a home into absolute reality. Right From Identifying, to developing the land.

What are you looking for?

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We build homes with care, passion and a lot of purpose. We look to ensure that every square foot we create can be utilized for a practical reason. Proof to this is our projects.

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The world’s most popular, expensive & High demanded and unique wood is White sandalwood. Out of 198 countries, only 8 countries are planting white sandalwood.

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We offer a fully integrated service that complements the overarching architectural concept, ensuring each project is finished to a high level of quality and detail.

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Commercial Spaces

Unlock the potential for productivity and success with our exclusive selection of premium office spaces. Tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses.

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Our Client Says

Siva Krishna Client

I am Siva Krishna. I had bought a flat at (A Block, 2/8) in Silvanus. First of all my experience with the SS Delight Infra Builders was amazing. The construction quality is really good and delivered my flat on time. I loved the experience I had with them.

Madhusudhan Reddy Client

I bought a flat at (3/8(C)) at SS Delight Silvanus in 2/18 & am really happy with construction quality and handed over time with fully functional. Also when I had issues at some changes to my flat, they accepted immediately and made the changes.

Kiran Kotturi Client

Big thanks to SS Delight Builders, who made my dream come true, After so many searches to buy a beautiful, comfortable and adorable house. My search ends at SS Delight Silvanus. It is located at Manikonda Very good amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions?

We offer commercial construction services that fit within a variety of delivery methods, including design-build, general contracting, and construction management.

We offer commercial construction services that fit within a variety of delivery methods, including design-build, general contracting, and construction management.

SS Delight Construction began in the 2002 s with the construction of Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church in India Country, TS. Nearly 20 years later, that church still holds services, and SS Delight Construction still builds high-quality, long-lasting buildings.

Just like your project’s duration, cost will vary greatly with project’s size and complexity. Once you have determined which delivery method you are planning to utilize, you will be able to start narrowing down the cost range.

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